Getting Started with Your Online Moodle Classroom (2.3)

PLEASE NOTE: This wiki was created by Marlene Manto for a specific purpose. The site is NOT being maintained so please be aware that information and/or links may be out of date.



This e-resource has been created to support beginners to Moodle, and is a collection of instructions and video designed to provide demonstrations, resources and additional links. The videos specifically refer to the e-Skills Moodle 2.3 site, but would be widely applicable to all Moodle 2 installations.

Getting Started with the EDIT button and ADDING TEXT

Once you are logged in, to edit your course you must turn on the editing button - this is in the top, right hand side of the Moodle window. Below is a video which shows where to find the Edit button, as well as how to add text and format it.

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How to add an IMAGE

ScreenHunter_10 Sep. 12 16.39.jpgCourses that are very text-based are not very engaging, so this video will show you how to add an image to your Moodle course.

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Adding a FILE to your course

ScreenHunter_10 Sep. 12 16.41.jpgIt is important to know how to add a file to your Moodle course eg a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PDF, Powerpoint etc.The following video demonstrates how easy it is to do this task, so that your document is readily available for your students.

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Adding a WEBSITE LINK to your course

You may want to provide your students with one or more weblinks...perhaps to an industry site or other useful resource for them. Below is a video which shows you how to add a web link to your Moodle course.

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Adding a FORUM for online conversations

ScreenHunter_09 Sep. 12 16.33.jpgYou might want to encourage conversations on your Moodle course, and a forum is a good way to do this. This might be related to your course content (like a classroom discussion) or simply where students can 'talk' to each other. The following video will demonstrate how you set up a forum.

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Creating separate WEBPAGES inside your course

You probably don't want every aspect of your course right on the front page in a long, scrolling list! To get around this, Moodle allows you to create separate 'pages' which are actually Moodle webpages. You can copy content into these (instead of just uploading the document) or put your 'list of useful links' here instead of all on the front. The following video will show you how easy it is to create a separate page.

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Embedding VIDEO into Moodle

Here is where e-learning has advantages over traditional learning which only uses paper-based can put video into Moodle! (Note: If your organisation blocks YouTube, try TeacherTube)

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ScreenHunter_09 Sep. 12 15.16.jpgWorking with the BLOCKS on the front of your course

There are a whole variety of different 'blocks' you can add....Calendars, RSS feeds, HTML blocks etc. Basically, they are additional bits of information which sit on the side of your course, and you can move them around, change them, delete them and add to them. This tutorial shows you how to get started with Blocks.

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Understanding some of the SETTINGS for your course

ScreenHunter_09 Sep. 12 16.31.jpgDo you want your course in Topic format...or Weekly....or maybe as a Grid? Want to know how to grant guest access...or assign a password...or change other settings? This video will explain some of the settings, but the best way to find out about them is to have a go and see what they do.

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How to generate basic STUDENT REPORTS

ScreenHunter_09 Sep. 12 16.32.jpgMoodle's big advantage over an ordinary web page is that you can track student activity. This video will show you how you can do that.

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Assigning ROLES in your course

ScreenHunter_10 Sep. 12 16.58.jpgAt some point you will need to assign new 'Roles' in your Moodle course..maybe another 'teacher role' for a colleague so they can learn Moodle too. The following video explains the process. (Please note that if you have a classroom on the e-Skills Moodle 2.3 site, your new user will need to create their own account on this site first, for you to transfer them into your course.)

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Finding e-learning CONTENT for your course ScreenHunter_10 Sep. 12 16.57.jpg

When it comes to online content, you have four main options.....
  1. Find e-learning content that already exists (eg in the National VET Content website) possibly customising it to suit.
  2. Rethink what you already have (you may be able to re-use resources such as Powerpoints etc)
  3. Develop new content (this can be expensive and is often not necessary)
  4. Purchase/contract ready-made 'courses' (be wary of this course of action, as there are oft-reported issues)

Go to the ABOUT E-CONTENT page for more information (including locating and adding learning objects to Moodle)

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ScreenHunter_10 Sep. 12 16.59.jpgADDITIONAL RESOURCES

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This wiki has been created to support new users to the e-Skills Moodle (2.3) site. It has a Creative Commons license and is available to share under the conditions of this license (note that the additional links and resources included in this wiki will be subject to different licenses). This site is not being maintained so please be aware that some information and/or links may be out of date.